Small Business Managed Wi-Fi Basic

Customer type defined for this service

• Target customers: Small Businesses with 20 or less concurrent Wi-Fi users (employees and/or guests).
• Solution is not applicable for use in hotel, motels, Multi-dwelling units, or large restaurant spaces.
• Coverage area within range of one Router and max of two Wi-Fi mesh extenders.
• Wi-Fi Coverage area varies dramatically with wall composition and other obstructions, but typically covers 1,500 sq ft in open office layout.

Product Specifications
• Install Calix Gigaspire Router with Wi-Fi 6 capability (same SSID on 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz bands).
• WAN IP setup at time of installation (limited to one static or DHCP assigned IP).
• Setup one Business SSID and one Guest SSID (if guest access is desired).
• Mobile App (CommandIQ) provided for business to control and monitor Internet access.
• Standard Wi-Fi device definition: personal computer, smart phone, tablet
• Advanced Wi-Fi device definition: any device not listed as standard (i.e. Video Cameras, POS, IoT, HVAC, Thermostat, Physical security, Servers, NAS, Printers, SmartTV)

What we provide with this service

Installation of the Wi-Fi router, configuration, and ongoing remote management and support
• Replacement of failed Router and mesh devices. Excludes physical damages.
• Settings for Router mode, Bandwidth, channel, broadcast power level.
• Remote wireless Site Scan review and recommendations.
• Remotely troubleshoot Internet connectivity for the Router and connected devices, including performance and speed troubleshooting.
• Split and consolidated SSID networks on 2.4Ghz/5Ghz based on customer preference.
• Set/change SSID name (must be password protected).
• Set/change SSID Wi-Fi password.
• Apply quarterly firmware updates for security and bug fix updates as available.
• Remote or customer-initiated Speed test and latency reports are available.
• Remote assistance with onboarding additional standard Wi-Fi client devices.
• At time of installation and Remote assistance with the CommandIQ app use.
• Firewall TCP/UDP port forwarding can be enabled –(typically for remote Camera/NVR access, requires static IP or DDNS)
• Option for DMZ mode for all inbound requests to a single internal IP address (adv port

Our installers will attempt to match the existing IPv4 address scheme of the customer network if details are available from customer.
• Our installers will attempt to match the existing SSID and password to make Wi-Fi onboarding simple, if that information is known by the customer.
• If the existing Wi-Fi SSID and password are unknown by the customer, our technicians will establish a new SSID and connect the standard devices. The customer is responsible for working with their vendors to connect advanced devices.
• Onsite technician utilizes an Application on mobile phone for wireless coverage walk-through at four farthest corners of office space. The target Signal Strength for RSSI is -65dBm or better.
• Up to two Wi-Fi mesh range extenders can be installed at time of activation for broader coverage areas, (additional month fees apply). Remote Wi-Fi mesh units must be hardwired to the main router (provides optimal performance).
• Ethernet cabling can be installed to connect the primary Router and Wi-Fi mesh extenders for a one-time charge.
• Assist with connecting a standard device to Wi-Fi at time of activation.
• Customer has the option of pausing Internet access on a per Wi-Fi connected device via CommandIQ App.

What we do not provide with the service
• Do not provide support of customer’s Point of Sale (POS) systems, nor POS Wi-Fi connectivity. POS troubleshooting is limited to confirming other Wi-Fi devices are functioning properly.
• Customer is responsible for onboarding of advanced Wi-Fi devices to the network.
• Do not support advanced Wi-Fi device connectivity.
• Do not support customer’s internal server connectivity. Will confirm other Wi-Fi devices are working.
• Do not support any hardware or software application functionality beyond basic Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity.
• Do not support internal device to device connections across the Wired LAN or Wireless LAN.
• Do not troubleshoot ethernet wiring issues post service activation.
• Does not provide integration of HIPPA nor PCI (Payment Card Industry) systems nor provide guarantee of security compliance.
• Do not provide or support end-device security such as AntiVirus/ AntiMalware protection
• Not responsible for preventing nor resolving cyber security compromised devices or Ransomware issues.
• Not responsible for PC or device Operating System, applications, or updates of customer’s equipment.
• We do not provide a method for prioritizing the Business SSID over Guest SSID access.
• No Service Level Agreement guarantees are provided with the Managed Wi-Fi service.

Document finalized on 4/10/2024