Broadband Welcome Kit

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Thank you for choosing BrightRidge Broadband!

We are excited you have chosen us as your provider for High-Speed Internet. We intend to deliver BrightRidge Broadband to you via state-of-the-art technology with the same dedication to reliability as with our electric service.

Our symmetric internet service provided via fiber optic sets us apart from other providers. With BrightRidge Broadband, you can download and upload at the same time without lag or delay. Our goal is that BrightRidge Broadband will help improve the quality of life for those living in our region.

Your opinion matters to us! After you have experienced our service for a few weeks, please be advised a member of our team may contact you either by email or phone to complete a customer survey. We may use your comments to help improve future service. In the meantime, call (423) 952-5000 if you need assistance with your new BrightRidge Broadband service.


Jeff Dykes, BrightRidge CEO



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